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Berend Schabus

Permanent exhibition on the parish square

Mag. Berend Schabus

Schabus studied until 1983 Theater direction at the Graz University of Music and Performing Arts and then spent two years as an assistant director with a small acting commitment on Graz Theater committed. From 1989 to 1992 he was University assistant for the Opera class.[1][2]

From 1980 he published cartoons, figurative and abstract WatercolorsAcrylic- and Oil paintings. He has been working as a freelance visual artist since 2005, and since 2012 as part of a sole proprietorship with commissions for the artistic design of private and commercially used wall surfaces and rooms.

The artist has belonged to the Artists' Association MAERZ and since 2014 he has been a member of the independent artist initiative Kunsthaus with exhibitions in the space Klagenfurt.

Schabus was an athlete of the Wörthersee ice skating club and has been awarded numerous records Austrian national champion, in 1976 he took part in the Olympic Winter Games in InnsbruckPart and achieved 25th place in the 1000 m, 26th in the 500 m and 29th in the 1500 m.

 In 2020,  Schabus received the "Golden Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria" 

Regensonne, 70x90.jpg
Erste Liebe, 90x90.jpg
Inferno 70x50 (1).jpg
Salsa,70x90, verkauft.jpg
Frau mit Tukan und Kranich, 90x90.jpg
Am Ufer 60x80.jpg
Pietà, 90x90.jpg
Der Violinist, 90x90, verkauft.jpg
Fassade Detail.JPG
Hometown 50x70, verkauft.jpg
Haus im Wald 50x70, verkauft.jpg

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