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Jede Immobilie hat ihren Wert. Doch wo liegt dieser Wert?

Diesen festzustellen ist Aufgabe der Immobilienbewertung von FELDNER real estate!

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Court expert

Real estate appraisal

Our services:

Property valuation:

  • Market value report

  • Assessment of rights and burdens

  • Value appraisal for parifications

  • Dynamic valuations and analysis


for the following properties:

  • Properties

  • Residential properties

    • Apartments, apartment buildings, apartment buildings, single-family homes

  • Commercial spaces

  • commercially used properties (office buildings)

  • Forestry


Our consulting services:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate

  • Purchase and rental of real estate

  • Property valuation

  • Real estate controlling

  • Consulting and coaching of decision-makers from politics and business on real estate issues


Portfolio management:

  • Analyzing real estate portfolios with regard to all parameters that influence value

  • Performance analysis

  • Benchmarking, target/actual comparisons

  • Planning and implementation of investment strategies

  • Risk analyses, real estate mix, future value analyses


Mag. Feldner is happy to advise you on all real estate matters.  

Mag.iur. Andreas Feldner is a lawyer and real estate trustee. In 2023 he was added to the list of court experts on  Registered LG Klagenfurt.

Registered areas of expertise relating to the preparation of judicial reports: 

Residential property, utility value determination, small forestry properties. 

nebligen Wald

Andreas Feldner

Every property has its own value. In order to recognize this precisely, we can combine our market experience with in-depth training for you.

Mag. iur. Andreas Feldner

seit acht Jahren bin ich nun als Immobilienmakler und Bewerter selbstänig am Markt tätig. Im Jahr 2023 wurde ich in die Liste der Gerichtssachverständigen aufgenommen. 

Schwerpunkt mäßig bewerte ich Wohnungseigentum & Forstwirtschaften. 

Zudem bewerte ich gemischt genutztes Wohnungseigentum, Zinshuser und Mehrparteienobjekte sowie Büroliegenschaften. 

Aufgrund der ständigen Präsenz am Markt ist es mir möglich einen aktuellen Vergleich der Bewertung zum Marktgeschehen abzuleiten. Dies ist wesentlich für eine zielgenaue Analyse.

Andreas Feldner ist Jurist sowie ausbildeter Immobilienbewerter (LBA)

Andreas Feldner


How does a property valuation work?

As already mentioned above, the value of a property / of a property valued. After the specialist has been contacted, one (of three main) assessment procedures is used to first check whether all official and structural requirements have been met. Afterwards der property value determinedestelt.

There are now also options to have the property valued online. However, we generally advise against these services as not all of the factors that can be used to correctly evaluate a property come into play. In addition, in these reviews everything only takes place online and the customer service is rather poor.

Who does a property valuation?

A real estate appraiser/real estate expert is responsible for valuing real estate and can value objects accurately and with little leeway.

Mag.iur. Andreas Feldner is a trained, sworn and court-certified expert for real estate valuation.

FELDNER real estate is therefore your competent contact for property valuation in Klagenfurt and Graz. We provide you with competent support tailored to your needs in determining the value of your property.

Our Services

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